Public Policy

AAUW has been empowering women since 1881. Federal action priorities for public policies are established every two years and are determined by a general membership vote in odd years. The philosophy of the organization is based on the principles of high quality education, economic self-sufficiency and equality, rights and social justice for a diverse society.

We are a nonpartisan group (per our nonprofit 501c3 status), but are very active in supporting issues related to equity for women and girls.  The purpose of our Branch Public Policy Committee is to serve as a local extension of the State AAUW Public Policy and Lobbying effort, supporting our State Lobbyist in her efforts and reaching out to our local women’s organizations to garner their support for the issues that they hold in common with AAUW.

Public policy participants will have the opportunity to join in community coalitions to work on women’s issues as they pertain to us on the local level. We promote voter education and communicate advocacy efforts in the community.  Every membership year our Public Policy Committee sponsors a Branch program as a learning tool for community minded citizens.  Throughout the year, our Branch Public Policy Director also communicates items of interest taking place locally.

Click here to learn AAUW Colorado’s positions on the state ballot measures for the November 2022 election.


AAUW National makes it easy for your voice to be heard by legislators on issues
impacting equity for women and girls. Sign up to become a Two-Minute Activist at to receive occasional
emails or texts about equity issues. The messages are structured so that you can
click through to send a direct message to your own member of Congress or state
legislator in support of or opposition to a particular bill. And it really does only take 2 minutes! You’ll know they received it because they write back!

Members are also urged to participate in the annual Public Policy Day sponsored by the AAUW State organization on the first Saturday in February.

Attend our Branch programs and activities and help us make a difference!    Please contact me for additional information and join our Public Policy Committee.
Anna Lopez, Public Policy Director

The League of Women Voters of the Pikes Peak Region is also a strong organizational partner in our efforts to educate the community about these issues. Use this link to learn about events of the League of Women Voters of the Pikes Peak Region:

E-mail notices go out to Branch Public Policy Committee members.