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King Soopers Loyalty Cards

Great news, Colorado Springs AAUW was approved.  It is super easy to register your Rewards card to become a loyalty card.

Go to then take your rewards card and look at the number on the back and follow the directions on the web site.  Then scroll down to the Colorado Springs AAUW and click there so that your purchases will be attributed to our branch. Just a few more questions and you are finished.  What an easy way to contribute to Local Scholarship and National Funds.

Contact Candy Crumb if you have more questions at 633-9917 or

If you do not have a rewards card and want to shop at King Soopers and contribute through your groceries, request a rewards card at the customer service desk.


                                    Safeway Reloadable Cards

Do you shop at Safeway/Albertsons? Continue to use your re-loadable cards to help our branch raise funds for Local Scholarship, the Sanderson Fellowship Fund and the Legal Advocacy Fund(LAF).  Do you need a re-loadable card?  Contact Candy Crumb at 633-9917 or email at