Interest Groups

The use of masks is now optional at all AAUW meetings. However, we ask our members to be careful, especially those who may be vulnerable due to underlying conditions. The COVID pandemic isn’t over yet, and new variants seem to be popping up to make our lives more complicated. We want all our members to stay safe and well.  Contact the Chair to learn the mask policies of a specific Interest Group.

Prospective members please contact Jan Jones for more information about membership:
For more information about Interest Groups, contact Melanie Hudson:

Arts and Entertainment 
Arts on the Go!:  Enjoy local music and theatre with your AAUW friends.  Dates and times vary.
Bridge Lite:  Improve bridge skills and enjoy time with other AAUW members. Open to all skill levels.
Mahjong:  New and experienced players welcome.  Enjoy lunch and then challenge your brain with this ancient, fascinating game of tiles.
Visual Arts Go!:  Each month, an outside speaker or Visual Arts member presents a monthly program related to visual arts/artists. May include occasional car-pooled visits to regional art-related exhibits, sites.

Current Affairs
Evening Connections through Topics:  An evening group that meets on select Wednesdays from 5:30-7:30PM, primarily at The Warehouse Restaurant featuring thought-provoking speakers, discussion, and a buffet dinner.
Great Decisions:  An in-depth study of current events.  The group reads a selection from the Foreign Policy Association book, views a 30-minute DVD and discusses national and international issues.
TED Talks : An evening group that meets on the 3rd or 4th Thursday at 7pm to watch one or more podcasts and discuss, sharing ideas, food and beverages.

Chocolate Lovers:  Study, discuss and eat chocolate.  Meet in homes and restaurants with specialty items.
Fellowship of the Grape (FOG):  A social evening where members, spouses, and guests share light dishes and beverages in each other’s homes or in restaurants.  Dates and times vary.

Hardy Hikers:  Enjoy hikes in the Front Range averaging 3-6 miles.  The degree of difficulty varies with each hike.  Summer and fall hikes are usually in the mountains; winter and spring hikes are more likely to be local.
Walkie Talkies  Enjoy leisurely 3-5 mile hikes usually out of town except in winter conditions. Gentle terrain.

Local History:  Visit places of local historical significance and enjoy speakers or other types of programs.
Southwest Studies:  Monthly meeting presentations focus on the unique history and legacy of our annual destination. Upcoming trip is: The Legendary San Luis Valley and Rails Adventure/

Reading and Writing
Afternoon Readers:  Fiction and non-fiction books are discussed
Dinner Book Club:  This group meets in various restaurants. Fiction and non-fiction books are discussed.
Exploring Lives & Cultures: Nonfiction and fiction books that reflect current social issues are discussed.
Luncheon Novel I:  Fiction and non-fiction books are discussed after sharing lunch in a member’s home or a restaurant.
Luncheon Novel Too:  Fiction and non-fiction books are discussed after sharing lunch in a member’s home.
Luncheon Novel 3: Fiction and non-fiction are chosen and read by the group. Meets Wednesdays (times TBD) in various member’s homes or a restaurant.
Morning Glory Readers Book Club:  This group meets in homes or coffee shops.  Fiction and non-fiction books are discussed.
Readers’ Potpourri:  This group meets in members’ homes where beverages are provided.  Fiction and non-fiction books are discussed.
Chapter and Verse:  A writing group to support and encourage writing activities and improve writing skills.
Women Who Write:  This group meets to write, share (optional) and encourage one another.  Come be inspired to write for 20-30 minutes from a prompt provided by the host, share, and discover the pleasure of a writing group.

Technology:  The group meets to help each other better utilize new technologies.  Bring your tech questions for discussion or your latest device or software to show and tell.

STEM Support (Virtual): A virtual interest group that supports school programs that promote STEM education.
Environmental Action: Group meets to learn about various ways to conserve resources in our communities; participate in environmental activities.

ACTIVE MEMBERS are encouraged to call the IG Chair of a group in which they have an interest to find out the current meeting times and group status.  Please go to the Members Only Page  for the updated list of Interest Group Contact Information.

PROSPECTIVE MEMBERS are invited to attend two different Interest Groups and are encouraged to attend at least one branch meeting to learn more about the AAUW mission and our branch before joining.