AAUW Colorado Springs has several interest groups offering a range of choices for every hobby and interest.  Each interest group has its own chairperson.

  • Hardy Hikers
  • Amiable Amblers
  • Connections to Topics
  • Public Policy
  • Great Decisions
  • Technology Study
  • Southwest Studies
  • Arts on the Go
  • Bridge
  • Mah Jongg
  • Fellowship of the Grape
  • Local History
  • UFOs (Unfinished Objects)
  • Chocolate Lovers
  • Women Who Write
  • Book Groups:
    • Exploring Lives and Cultures
    • Readers’ Potpourri
    • Dinner Book Club
    • Afternoon Readers
    • Luncheon Novel I
    • Luncheon Novel Too
    • Morning Glory Book Club

Check out the calendar for an interest group that meets on a convenient day.

IG Calendar 2017-2018

To learn more about an interest group or to contact the chairperson, send a note to the Interest Group Coordinator: