How To Support Branch Scholarships and AAUW Funds

Local AAUW Colorado Springs Branch Scholarships

Our branch scholarship committee has evolved since its formation in 1974 with its first $200 scholarship awarded in 1975. In 2019 we awarded six scholarships of $1200 to students from either UCCS or PPCC.  In 2020 we are proud to announce that we will be awarding six scholarships of $1500!  Scholarship funds are supported by donations, memorials and profits from the annual Authors Day fundraising event. Make sure you attend the annual Authors Day fundraising event.  TO DONATE: A check made out to AAUW-Colorado Springs with “Local Scholarship” on the memo line may be mailed to the AAUW Treasurer, 5540 Canvasback Ct., Colorado Springs, CO 80918.

AAUW Colorado Springs Branch (CO) is a 501(c)(3) charity – effective 12/20/2019.
Donations are tax deductible.
Tax ID# 84-3789955


Support AAUW’s Mission

Every gift to AAUW has an impact — but your dollars go furthest when they support funds critical to our mission. Our strategic plan lays out a bold vision for the future. By giving to the AAUW Greatest Needs Fund or our strategic focus areas, you can make that vision a reality. A donation to the Greatest Needs Fund will help us expand our highly successful, community-based, mission-driven programs, such as Start Smart and Work Smart and the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders, conduct groundbreaking research, and launch innovative initiatives to help women and girls thrive.

AAUW Funds Chart: AAUW Greatest Needs Find (9110), Education and Training Fund (4450), Economic Security Fund (4449), and the Leadership Fund (4452).

Click on this link to donate to AAUW Fund online: