2020/2021 COS Branch Board

 2020/2021 Elected Officers/Executive Committee/Board Members 

  • President:                                           Pam Maier    
  • President Elect:                                 Pip Bodkin
  • Treasurer:                                          Joan Skoog   
  • Secretary:                                           Marilyn Parker
  • Vice President of Membership:    Melanie Hudson
  • Co-VPs of Programs:                        Marian Phelps
  •                                                                Sarah Stowell
  • Co-VPs Community Outreach:      Kathy Olson
  •                                                               Cindi Zenkert-Strange

2020/2021 Appointed Officers/Board Members:

  • AAUW Funds Co-Chairs                 Pip Bodkin
  •                                                             Kate Meyer Olson
  • Communications Director:          Janet Knox
  • Interest Group Coordinator:       Frieda Dunlap
  • Scholarships Chair:                        Mo Sigler
  • Public Policy Director:                   Audrey McGuire


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AAUW Colorado Springs Branch
Membership VP, Melanie Hudson