THE AWARD: The Colorado Springs Branch of the American Association of University Women (AAUW), the oldest women’s organization in the United States, whose mission is to advance equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research, awarded scholarships to Nicole Renfrow, Adrienne Roth, Laura Horvath, and Melissa Spencer . 

RESTRICTIONS: The applicant must be a woman, must have earned at least 36 college credit hours but must not be a graduate student, must be currently attending either PPCC or UCCS, must be planning to attend fall semester classes at PPCC or UCCS, and must have a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.00. DEADLINE: Applications, including the transcripts of grades and recommendations, have to be received by March 31, 2015; the 2015 application form will be available on this web site by January 1, 2015. SUBMISSION RULES: Applications should be submitted to the AAUW Local Scholarship Committee, 3905 Hill Circle, Colorado Springs, CO 80904. Letters of recommendation must be sent by the recommender and grade transcripts must be sent by the school to this address. NOTIFICATION: The scholarship winners will be notified personally by May 1, and the name of the winners will be posted online on this website.

AAUW Local Scholarship Application 2014

To learn more about AAUW Local Scholarships or to contact the chairperson, send a note to the Local Scholarships Committee.

2014 Scholarship Winners were honored at the May Branch Meeting.


RECENT HISTORY: For many years our Colorado Springs Branch of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) has supported the basic mission of AAUW, which is encouraging women to seek higher education, by giving scholarships to women attending local colleges and universities. However, by September 2007 both the money for Local Scholarships and the number of applicants had dwindled; no applications were received that year, and only two had been received the previous year. The Local Scholarship Chairman and the Board elected to make changes to the application procedures.  The length of the application was reduced from five pages to two. The decision was made that our scholarship be offered only at UCCS and PPCC (Pike’s Peak Community College); and the application form was put on-line at both schools. Jennifer Fisher in the Office of Financial Aid at the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs and Cici Toner in the PPCC Financial Aid Office were instrumental in getting the word of our scholarships out to women at their schools. The results of our fund-raising and outreach efforts have been very satisfying.  Each year since the spring of 2008, we have received a substantial number of applications, and we have awarded Local Scholarships to very worthy women students attending either UCCS or PPCC.

  • In 2008 we awarded one $1000 and one $500 scholarship;
  •  in 2009 we awarded one $1000 and two $500 scholarships;
  •  in 2010 we awarded one $1000 and one $500 scholarship (one $500 winner accepted a full-tuition scholarship at another university);
  • in 2011 after adding the requirements of 36 completed college credit hours and the submission of the FAFSA form with the Estimated Family Contribution to show need, we again awarded one $1000 and two $500 scholarships.
  • In 2012 we awarded four $1000 scholarships
  • In 2013 we awarded three $1000 and two $500 scholarships
  • In 2014, we awarded two $1000 and two $500 scholarships

On October 5, 2013 we sponsored Authors’ Day at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort to raise money for the Local Scholarship Fund. The outstanding authors featured were Carol Berg, Kathy Brandt,  Kristen Iversen, and Jessy Randall. Authors’ Day 2014 will be held at The Pinery at the Hill on November 15. Joann Oh, Local Scholarship Chair Here are the comments of three winners that show the impact that our contributions have made on their lives:

  • Jennifer Guajardo, winner in 2009, wrote, “My academic life is moving along quite well. I graduated cum laude with my bachelor’s degree from UCCS in December 2011, and I am now in grad school at UCCS [but will change universities for a better fit for my future profession]. I changed my major from History, Secondary Education to Sociology partway through UCCS. I have realized that my true passion lies in helping other single mothers like myself with some kind of not-for-profit program designed to help them gain the assistance they need and ultimately obtain a secondary education. . . .Thank you for choosing me as one of your scholarship recipients. That award truly meant a great deal to me and helped me get through my first semester at UCCS [after graduating with very high grades from PPCC]. You are a wonderful organization full of amazing women. I am honored to have met you.”
  • Jennifer Evans, also a winner in 2009, wrote, “I graduated with a degree in Spanish Elementary Education in May 2009. I was married in June and moved to Wheat Ridge, where my husband is going to school at the Colorado School of Mines. I found a preschool teaching job in a low-income area in Lakewood and work with three-, four-, and five-year-old children. I absolutely love the children I work with! It is an honor to help them develop socially as well as academically. Most of our families are Spanish-speaking, and I have been able to use my knowledge to communicate with parents and students. [Wherever my husband and I end up], I hope to continue positively impacting children. I would eventually like to return to school for ESL training or a master’s degree. . . .The scholarship I received from AAUW was immensely helpful. I wanted to be financially stable while completing my student teaching when I couldn’t work, and this scholarship helped me a great deal. I also did not graduate with an unreasonable amount of debt. Thanks to each of you who helped make my goals a reality.”
  • Michelle Glowczewski, winner in 2010, wrote, “I am planning to graduate in May! Your scholarship helped me tremendously in allowing me to be where I am today. After my freshman year I wasn’t sure whether I would be able to continue my course of studies here at UCCS because of financial need, but fortunately because of generous people like those in your organization I have received enough scholarship assistance to get me to graduation. . . .Thank you so much again for all that you have done. I am so grateful!”
  • Another winner, a brilliant older student and truly outstanding person, has had to quit midway through her master’s degree at UCCS and move to a lower altitude because of her husband’s health problems. Like many women, she has put her family first. She hopes to return to school as she has five years to pick up her studies where she left off. However, I know that she is still currently contributing to society with the knowledge that our scholarship helped her gain.